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Taysiders in Space - Chewin' the Fat - A gem of a sketch from Chewin' the fat Hogmanay special 2002. Well worth watching "Set phasers tae malky" (8mb) (lower bandwidth version 3mb)

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Your Oot man (4mb) & Get Up (3mb) - The Fayre. Were "originally" lost tapes but resurrected thanks to temperamental DAT player and a lot of patience. Enjoy!

Norman Says (4mb) - The Neds (with help from chewin' the fat)

Are you a Racist ?  -  DJ Rab C & Ali J vs The Neds. Second of two dance tracks with vocals from The Neds, Rab C and Ali J. (3MB)

Ned Rap - The first dance track by the Neds. (3mb)

Tranced - Dance tune I did that was going to be a Ned track but I preferred it without the neds! (4.7mb)

Real Me (3mb) & Lovestealer (5mb) - The Fayre. Rock indie band i played guitar (listen for the whales in Lovestealer) with in the early 90's.